Mailvox: Kerry don’t scare me

Jeanne writes: Bush will lose to a Kerry/Edwards ticket. I am going to say that the conservatives and libertarians are screwed. They are not enough of them to make an difference on there own. Because of Bush’s big government tendencies and the resulting loss of his conservative base, we unfortunately are going to be stuck with John Kerry. As I have argued before, lose any notion that somehow a Kerry administration with a Republican Congress will somehow be better. That is extremely illogical. We may not spend as much as the federal level, but in every other area regarding societla issues, we will have liberalism at its best (and therefore scariest) unleashed.

Sometimes the logic is more complicated than you might think. As it turns out, history shows that a Clinton hamstrung by a Republican Congress worked out rather better than George Delano. For that matter, Clinton with a Democratic House worked out better than the three-headed Republican monster. Here’s the basic point: libertarians don’t care if it’s George Delano or John Francois screwing the country. In fact, seeing it done in the name of conservative Republicanism only makes it more unpalatable. If the car goes over the cliff at 200 MPH or 30 MPH, it’s still going over the cliff.

I’m not sacrificing my principles for a slower car crash.