It’s just a matter of time

I have no doubt that the terrible news about vaccines is going to make its way out before the public eventually. There’s no way that the Congress would have protected the manufacturers, distributors and docters from liability if they actually were anywhere nearly as safe as they’re claimed. I hope this is the beginning of the end of the charade, but we’ll see. You’d think there’s far too much money at stake for the veil to fall easily, but hopefully a few honest scientists will value millions of children’s lives more than their careers.

OTTAWA– After assuring parents that additives in vaccines don’t cause brain damage, scientists have found what they believe could be a “smoking gun” linking these additives to autism and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children. In a study that was rushed to print on-line today, two months ahead of its scheduled publication in the journal Molecular Psychiatry, U.S. researchers have discovered an apparent link between thimerosal, a controversial mercury-based preservative once commonly used in childhood vaccines, to an increased risk of neurological disorders such as autism and ADHD. While most vaccines distributed in Canada have been thimerosal-free since the early 1960s, the preservative was used in the annual flu shot that doctors recommended this year for even healthy children. In tests on human brain cells, researchers found two natural chemicals — one compound that stimulates cell growth and also dopamine, which transmits nerve signals — are both key to a process in the brain called methylation.

Methylation helps DNA work properly and is crucial to the normal development of the brain.The team found thimerosal, ethanol and the metals lead and mercury all interfere with methylation. What’s more, thimerosal did so at doses 100 times lower than a child would receive after a single shot with a thimerosal-containing vaccine. “It was by far the most potent,” said investigator Dr. Richard Deth, a professor of pharmacology at Northeastern University in Boston. He said the study, which also involved researchers from Johns Hopkins University, the University of Nebraska and Tufts University in Boston, could account for the rising rates of autism since the early 1980s, when more thimerosal-containing shots were added to a child’s vaccine schedule.

A recent review of vaccine-related “adverse events” in the U.S. found a”significant correlation” between shots containing thimerosal and autism,the researchers report.