Mailvox: Rush – the evidence

TZ loyally expresses doubt: Vox was and is right with his original article. Maybe his webmaster can come up with a ton of stuff, but there is nothing in the Essentials area even hinting at opposition to Bush. Maybe his subscribers can have a different view, if they have better access and can pick and choose, but I can’t find the “documentation”. Is there any way you can post what was attached (or links), or maybe I just can’t find it.

I do appreciate it, TZ, but I’m pretty satisfied that I used a suboptimal illustration here, although the fundamental point still stands. I should have used George Will or someone else as an example. I don’t expect all Republicans to immediately abandon the party, only be willing to hold George Delano accountable and be open to the idea of withdrawing their support for him. George Prayias, Rush’s webmaster, was good enough to provide the supporting evidence: