Mailvox: Not exactly new

RL writes: Okay, so GWB is bad news. So we take him down and find out that the rest of the country wants an unbelievable idiot like John Kerry. What will the country look like after eight years of his rule? Remember Bill [I didn’t have sex with that women] Clinton? Remember the dragging of American soldiers in Somalia, the bombing of the USS Cole, the attacks on our embassies in Africa, Waco…etc. Do we want this repeated?!

This argument doesn’t hold any water anymore. Bill Clinton actually gave us less government spending, less government intrusion than George Delano has. The question is no longer about who will create less of a problem, it’s a question of not supporting anyone who is not interested in solutions. This hoary old Republican defense is akin to asking if you’d rather support Trotsky or Stalin. Even if Trotsky isn’t quite as bad, are you seriously going to support him? He’s not going to free you.

Never sacrifice your principles for power. Never, never, never. All you do is cut your own throat. The Green party has far more power as a result of leaving the Democratic party and pulling it to the left than it would if it obediently followed the DNC. Are Republicans truly less principled than left-wing Greens? Judging by my email, some certainly are. If you cannot stand by your most cherished principles, you stand for nothing and will be defeated easily and repeatedly. This is why the Republican Party has failed and why conservatives and others who believe in freedom, liberty and justice must leave it.

Valley Forge wasn’t fun. The Boston Tea Party wasn’t pragmatic. Things got worse before they got better. Significant change rarely comes quickly or easily. If the people have to immerse themselves in idiocy for another eight years before they wake up, so be it. One could argue that they have been for the last sixteen years anyhow. Look around you – this is no longer Ronald Reagan’s America.