Thus spake the Original Cyberpunk

The OC poses Seven Questions: A Mid-term Report Card. A tidbit: Bush started down the right path when he began to publicly question whether it served American interests to continue to prop up the U.N. and whether the Islamic world was capable of supporting sane governments. Then he punked out; maybe the Saudis yanked his chain. In any event he made a good start and then slacked off mid-term, so I’d like to encourage him to find a way recover his earlier energy and complete the changes he began with such promise.

Go read it.

UPDATE: This was just too funny not to pass on. I was exchanging email with the Original Cyberpunk; the exchange went as follows:

VD: Let’s have lunch…. I’ll give you a ring.

OC: Thanks, but if you’re keeping the one to rule them all, forget it.