The Most Important Man in Sports Journalism.

The Sports Guy writes: With a little more than a minute to play, holding the ball on first down inside the 20, Brown made his first mistake: He angered the Video Game Gods. That’s right … he just sat there letting all 35 seconds of the play clock click down, so Smith couldn’t get the ball back before halftime. Somewhere Mike Martz was beaming in approval. “This is bad,” I told the cute lady behind me. “He’s angering the Video Game Gods. You can’t do this.”

While she glanced around for a security guard, I turned back to the game just in time to see Antowain running the ball up the middle, getting another first down, then… SPLACK! Fumble!!!!!!!! And the Panthers recover!

Now I’m furious. That was Troy’s fault. Everyone knows that football games have an “All right, this guy’s playing like a wuss” trigger that activates something bad to happen. It’s a distant cousin of the “No F—— Way Game,” the game when you’ve won too many games in a row during a season, and the Play Station activates that “There’s no f—— way you’re winning this game” chip.