Round Two to Kerry

As you can probably tell, my interest in the Democrat-Republican horse race is minimal, and I’m even less interested in the preliminaries. But things are looking pretty good for John Kerry, who strikes me as a Democratic rehash of the sacrificial offering of Bob Dole that went by the glorified name of a campaign in 1996. Kerry offers nothing that Bush doesn’t already provide, except he knows how to say “fuck”. While that will get him some of the (snicker) vote that populates college campuses and vacuous left-liberal blogs that amuse themselves by mocking the sex lives of conservative young columnists, it won’t be nearly enough to knock off George Delano Bush, also known as the Amazing Triangulation Machine version 2.0.

My only real concern is to see the Clark vanity ship, aka “the amazing campaign” to starry-eyed women who are only supporting the general because George Clooney didn’t run, sink ASAFP. Of all the Democratic candidates – and I’m including Al Sharpton here – he’s the only one who would make me seriously consider voting for George Delano.