A day late

This is how to celebrate the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. By challenging it and refusing to recognize it at every opportunity. It is bad law, worse social engineering and makes a total mockery of any claim that America may have once had to being a moral nation.

I understand some libertarians are pro-choice. I have about as much regard for their logic on this particular matter as I would have for anyone who would attempt to use libertarian concepts to justify slavery or the Endlösung. Africans, Jews and the unborn are all human, with the same claim to the unalienable right to life as anyone else.

The “it’s my body” justification is hopeless, both from a legal point of view – there are dozens, if not hundreds of existing laws exploding this notion – or even from a purely hypothetical point of view, considering that the other individual inside has his own distinct DNA.

There you go, Pieter.