The Vaginettes

“Stefanie Thomas, a senior women’s studies major, is performing the monologue “Reclaiming Cunt,” which depicts one woman’s passion for the word. Similar to vagina, “cunt” is not often used in daily conversation, but the women of The Vagina Monologues have embraced it. “Cunt is not a derogatory word, cunt,” Thomas said. “Cunt is a word that I have reclaimed to transform into something positive, and that is an important message. Somehow it got transformed into something negative and so this monologue is all about transforming something that could be perceived as negative and claiming it and turning it into a positive.”

Oh, dear luscious Vaginette, how I do love thee.

Though thou doth shameth my lame hand at parodee.

Try as I might, I am put to flight,

By the limitless depths of thy self-mockeree!

INTERCEPTED ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION – Excellent work, Brotherhood Idealizing Totally Curvacious Hos. For our next masterpiece, we’ll be convincing overeducated young women that having anonymous sex with strangers is a mark of self-confidence and feminist independence… oh, we already did that? Right, then that brings us to a project that is close to my heart, convincing the poor dears to swallow the notion that performing a daily blow job will prevent breast cancer. And remember, no taxation on breast augmentation!