Rocking Naptown (?)

BS loses it: VOX DAY PICKS AGAINST MY BELOVED COLTS!!! HOW DARE HE!!!??? … picking against my Colts just like he did last week in picking those panty-wearing Chiefs to beat Peyton and Co. Can’t everyone just accept the inevitable and annoint Peyton the greatest quarterback of all time and realize that the gleam in Peyton’s eye only means one thing….the Lombardi Trophy is coming home to Naptown baby! We’re going to be marching around the downtown circle in Colts blue and white! Let’s go ahead and elect Peyton as mayor of Indianapolis and governor of Indiana while we’re at it, all the while having a band play ROCKY TOP as loud as humanly possible!

I had a suspicion that Baseball Savant wouldn’t take that pick well…. He cracks me up, though. Is Naptown actually a nickname? That has got to be the lamest city moniker since “the Little Apple” for Minneapolis. And what is Rocky Top? Wait, don’t tell me, I couldn’t possibly care. BS reminds me of a Vikings friend down in Florida who’d never even been to Minnesota, but was downright despondent whenever the Vikes would lose. Watching part of that 1998 season with a lunatic like him was awesome.

BS has to cut me slack, though. My mother is a huge Bert Jones fan. 5 points if you remember him.