In defense of NRO

The Evangelical Outpost has correctly taken NRO to task on its recent publishing of some non-conservative articles of late. Here’s the comment I made to him:

“While I’m personally glad to see NR/NRO take a more libertarian tone, I have to admit that I’m more than a little underwhelmed by the arguments of Lopez, Ponnuru and Goldberg in justifying/excusing/denying the fact that they have done so.

Much as I admire and enjoy the work of the NR/NRO gang, I’ve noticed that while they seldom mind being attacked from the Left -it’s expected- it’s rather obvious that being attacked from the Right is a little tougher for them to bear. Which, unfortunately, is likely going to happen more and more often as the more kneejerk Republicans in their midst are dragged left by the current Republican leadership.

I wouldn’t recommend canceling your subscription, though, Joe. I think you’re more open to libertarianism than you might think, at least the Christian libertarianism I’ve been advocating. NR/NRO isn’t the Republican party, the NROniks aren’t power-hungry individuals without principles and they’ve actually done enough service for the Right’s cause to allow them some benefit of the doubt.

Of course, if they eventually follow the Republican party into endorsing 100 percent taxation, mandatory homosexuality, human sacrifice and global UN sovereignty, I’ll join you in dropping my subscription.”