NFL update, brought to you by Revlon

This week: 1-3. NFL Playoffs: 4-4.

Where did I go wrong?

1. Assuming that Mike Martz would not outsmart himself. 45 seconds with a timeout in the red zone is enough time for 5-6 cracks at the end zone. Or zero, assuming you’re cut out of the Big Game Denny Green mold. The Rams should go ahead and start looking for a new coach now if they want to win playoff games; Martz has proved that he’s a poor game tactician.

2. Thinking that Peyton Manning would revert to the mean. He is a star, bordering on greatness and superstardom. Let’s see him reach a Super Bowl before conferring it upon him, though. If he’s on fire, they can beat New England. Badly. Can he do it three weeks in a row? Maybe. You’ve got to love Tony Dungy’s Grant-Landry demeanor. He may not be a chess master, but there’s nothing as cool as Old Skool coaching.

3. In the battle of the smooched buttocks, Mike Sherman got cute and Brett Favre got stupid and the Packers gave the game away. Ahman Green got his 150 yards, Ralph Wiley notwithstanding, which makes the two third-and-short passes in Eagle’s territory all the more bewildering. Incomplete – punt, incomplete – punt. And then there’s the failure to drive it in on first and goal inside the five. Gee, a field goal in any of those possessions would have come in handy, don’t you think?

Was I impressed by Donovan McNabb – sure, he never quit. The scramble-and-throw to Pinkston was fantastic. But do I think he’s a superstar quarterback now? Never. If he rushes for 100, throws for 250 and no interceptions against Carolina’s defense, then I’ll consider it.

Great games, all told. Nothing like the NFL. I’d originally picked Rams-Patriots before the playoffs, and I definitely like Carolina’s chances, but Peyton has got me thinking the Colts could get there. Have to think on that one.