Mailbox: Learning Disabilities

PZ demonstrates his failure to learn that touching a hot stove is a bad idea: People like you want the Ten Commandments in public buildings but you don’t erect massive granite stones in your churches our your backyards.

Right, as if no church has the Ten Commandments displayed somewhere. Those little monuments and friezes hardly stand comparison with the grandeur of many a cathedral, or the overpowering sci-fi aesthetics of one church that a Jewish friend describes as “the church with the direct link to God”. (Seriously, the massive spire looks like an antenna designed to reach the Horsehead Nebula.) I don’t see any real need for such monuments, but there’s nothing wrong with them if the people of a community want one.

For those who are too simple to understand why there’s nothing wrong with them, I’ll elucidate:

1. A public building is not Congress. Nor is a judge or a community board.

2. A monument is not a law.

3. Erecting a religious monument in a public place is not the establishment of a state religion. Have a look at the Church of England or the Sharia for details if you are confused as to what comprises a state religion.

People like you want prayer in school because you’re too lazy to pray with your own children. It’s not the place of government to teach your children religion. That’s why we have Churches.

Right, two million children are being homeschooled by parents who are too lazy to even pray with them. What a blitheringly stupid assertion! We’re not only teaching our children the Lord’s Prayer, we’re teaching them to read the New Testament in Greek and the Vulgate in Latin, while the government schools are teaching those poor kids with indifferent or ignorant parents how to put a condom on a banana. It’s not the place of government to teach children anything.

PZ, that big thing sticking out of your back is a fork. You’re done.