That would be nice

GH wants to bet: I bet you a case of beer your blog gets over a million hits this year

I’m hardly going to bet against myself now, am I? According to Sitemeter – which is totally inaccurate, but it serves – I’m on pace for about 295,000 right now. So, it is possible, I guess.

The Blogger King, Instapundit, does around 26 million per year. Surpassing him is my ultimate goal for Vox Popoli, despite my great admiration for a man who joins the conspiracy against himself.

GH also mentions the Simkanin injustice as one that perhaps should have made WND’s most spiked list. I don’t think so, because the media seldom covers this sort of case before the trial. At this point, it’s nothing but dog-bites-man to say that the IRS-Federal Court cabal is wrongly persecuting someone who has violated no law. If he wins – as he should – and the story is still ignored, that will make it a spiked story for 2004.