Propaganda in education

K-girl writes: Here’s a few tidbits for you, based on my (brief) experience in university education classes:

A) In a three-week course – where time was extremely limited already – my instructor spent 20 minutes convincing her students why vouchers were bad. She did not stop this lecture until virtually the entire class had verbally confirmed that vouchers were a bad idea. Furthermore, she announced that vouchers were a conservative, Republican idea, and wrote “Republican” on the board — all to make a point about vouchers, a subject not contained within the lesson plan.

B) There was a great deal of emphasis based on politically correct language in the special ed class.

C) There was a guest speaker who flat-out told us that most of the time we would be more important to the student than the student’s parents, because most parents were too consumed with their own problems to care much about their own kids.

D) There was one America-bashing instructor who loved to spin us these lovely leftist tales about how America was consumed by violence and unfair to the poor and how socialist countries avoided those problems because of their very nature. She was a nice woman who was more than willing to listen to the handful of conservatives in her class, so I am willing to cut her a little slack.

Sadly, (C) may very well be true, at least of parents who send their children to government schools when they need not do so. I’d be interested to hear how the lady in (D) would explain the 20+ democidal massacres that took place in socialist countries since 1917. I suppose there’s not much room for the people to commit violence when the government is committing so much against them.

In any case, it’s no wonder that the teaching community is such a disaster, when considered in the collective. Take the dregs of the university, then send them off for a year of being steeped in propaganda. Even if the educratic bureacracy actually wanted to help children develop the ability to use their minds, they wouldn’t have much success working with that material.