A not-so-merry Logitech Christmas

Okay, who is the conceptually-challenged programmer who failed to foresee that there might, possibly, somewhere, be someone with a dual-boot system that wanted to use a web cam? Especially considering that it’s the Pro version. This is why I absolutely hate it when companies try to “make it easier” for their customers by taking over the installation process. At the very least, provide a way for those of us who know what we are doing to have access to the necessary files. After following the instructions – which consisted of two pages saying nothing more than “install the software from the CD and follow the on-screen instructions” – I was most displeased when no such instructions appeared following the automatic reboot.

Digging into the CD revealed a README file, which in the Windows 2000 section stated “due to a bug in the installation program, an installation on a dual-boot system will fail.” That’s it. No work-around, no information on where one can find .inf files to install the drivers manually, nothing. The installation dates back to 11/02, however, and there’s a newer download dated 10/03 on the Logitech website, so I’ll download that and give it a try. Maybe they’ve fixed the bug; unfortunately, there’s no way of knowing ahead of time, since Logitech’s support FAQ deals with nothing but the most basic information, uttering banalities such as “if the camera doesn’t work, see if the USB cable is plugged in” and “if the install fails, turn the computer off and try installing again”. Then what, repeat as desired? Thanks, that’s a big help.

Anyhow, if this newer install doesn’t work, we have two options. Convert her system back into a single-boot Windows system or take this one back and get a different web cam. Gee, such a difficult choice….

UPDATE – No harm, no foul. The install downloaded from the web site can handle dual-boot and Space Bunny is in, as they say, full E-F-F-E-C-T otherwise known as effect. I think it was easier when you only needed batteries for the new toys, instead of drivers.