Snowballs in Hell

I received an email from a Democrat who’s running for the Arizona Senate. I can’t believe I’m going to write this, but if I lived there, I honestly think I’d vote for her. AZ Republicans and Libertarians, check out this out:

“I am a stanch gun rights defender who scores 100% regularly with the GOA. I believe in the right of freedom of speech, even speech which is unpopular. I believe in withdrawing from NAFTA, GATT, and the WTO, and believe American sovereignty should remain sacrosanct against the flood of international bodies. And I pledge to uncover the truth about all POW’s no matter how many military brass and politicians are embarrassed by the facts. I will be a legitimate maverick to the Washington establishment, instead of being bosom buddies with them. I believe the authority of Washington must be severely curtailed. Additionally, I support the elimination of both the wage tax and the IRS. You might find it difficult to believe that I am a Democrat. But I am. My name is Liz Michael.”

Sure, she’s probably lying, but considering that the alternative is John McCain, I’d sure take a flyer on her.