NFL absurdity

I’ve been going on and on about McNabb being overrated ever since the initial ESPN blow-up. I have not changed my mind in the least, nor will I, even if the Eagles win the Super Bowl. Want to go there? Fine, now use that argument on behalf of Trent Dilfer. In light of these ludicrous surveys, I’d like to point out a salient fact. THERE ARE AT LEAST 23 OTHER PLAYERS INVOLVED IN THE RESULTS OF AN NFL GAME!

ESPN asks: Who should be the NFC Pro Bowl QB?

62.6% – Donovan McNabb

15.5% – Matt Hasselbeck

12.4% – Brett Favre

09.6% – Daunte Culpepper

Unbelievable. Obviously, the secret to being considered an NFL great is to a) play in the NFC East; b) play for a top playoff team; c) have a great defense. This isn’t a race deal – the massively underrated Culpepper is black and Favre, a white media favorite, has been overrated for the last two years. At least Steve McNair is finally getting his due – although Manning will rightly win this year’s MVP.

Culpepper: 257/397 64.7% 3022 yds 7.6 avg 21 TD 9 INT

D. McNabb 235/419 56.1% 2736 yds 6.5 avg 12 TD 9 INT

Daunte also has twice as many rushing TDs (4) as McNabb (2), and racked up his superior statistics while playing in two fewer games. So what could possibly account for the Eagles being three games up on the Vikings other than the greatness of McNabb? Perhaps the fact that the Eagles are sixth in scoring defense and give up 4.7 fewer points per game than the 24th-ranked Vikes might have a little something to do with it.