Glad to be of SER-vice

RK writes: What a wonderful gift, your article How to teach your child to read at WND. I am working with my soon-to-be three year old granddaughter to teach her to read using phonics. I was kind of winging it. Now I have something concrete to work with. Here’s wishing a Merry Christmas to you and yours from my granddaughters A, 2 years, S, 2 months and from their “Pappa”. Thanks again.

Actually, this is precisely why I wrote the article. It’s not hard, truly! Even a grandparent probably has enough time to do it, and it’s a nice excuse to spend time with your grandkids. And what a great gift, to give them such a useful head start in life.

By the way, the two sigmas mentioned in the column refers to how a different character is used when a Greek word ends in sigma. This second sigma looks rather like our letter s, as opposed to a circle with a horizontal stem. The proper way to read it is to say “sigma?” while expressing some disbelief, then shout “two sigmas!” and allow a certain amount of time for the ensuing hilarity. It’s always a party at the Digital Ghetto.