Sounds like they need a new advisor

After the University of Tennessee administration called the cops on the UT College Republicans, check out what their advisor had to say:

“That evening, Michael Combs, the faculty advisor for the College Republicans and a member of the UT Board of Trustees sent an email to their chairman, saying, “I ask that you rescind this call for parents, family, etc., to contact their state representatives. Such action would do far more harm than any good to the university or to your cause. I also sincerely request that you not make direct contact to media outside the campus since this seems to be an internal campus issue at this point. While the media will love to use a good story to sell their papers, going to them with this concern will resolve nothing.

It’s kind of hard to win when your coach is playing for the other team. That’s right, CRs, if someone in authority mistreats you, suck it up and hold your tongue. Because that’s worked so well for so many people in the past. Funny, but it seems that things only started happening AFTER the CRs went to the media. How on Earth could that possibly be?