Good books

DB writes: My question to you is would you mind providing a list of your favorite books or whatever book/books you are currently reading? I think it would be a great addition to your blog for all of your fans/readers out here in America. I know that I would thoroughly enjoy it. I saw where you recommended some books to a specific reader on your blog site and was hoping that you could possibly expand it. I actually had another question for you in regards to your opinion of the “The Sopranos.” I know you wrote sort of a mini-review of “The Matrix” awhile ago at your blog and was curious to know what you thought of the New Jersey crime family.

I’m currently reading William Gibson’s Virtual Light, while Space Bunny is reading George Eliot’s Middlemarch. Yes, gentlemen, she’s hot, blonde and reads quality literature to boot. My ten favorite authors right now are:

Neal Stephenson – Cryptonomicon is so far the best book of my generation; can’t wait to read Quicksilver

Umberto Eco – the dottore, the maestro. His semiotics stuff is always interesting too.

Herman Hesse – It’s not as deep as it pretends, but it’s still great stuff.

Arturo Perez Reverte – Mystery or thriller? Who cares.

JRR Tolkein – I like most fantasy. This is the original and best.

Douglas Adams – It’s all good, but Dirk Gently is tops.

PG Wodehouse – It’s always the same book. I always like it. Read for the style, not the plot.

George RR Martin – Fantasy as history. Sandkings is a great short story too.

Tanith Lee – the best pure writer out there.

Sharon K. Penman – good historical literary candy.

I have absolutely no opinion of The Sopranos, since I’ve never seen it. I’m not as completely TV-illiterate as I once was, but I am still more than a little out of it where the TV scene is concerned. I rather like Dead Like Me and Scrubs, but I really haven’t gone out of my way to see a show since Willow got interested in that dreadful what’s-her-name on Buffy and Charisma Carpenter cut her hair on Angel. In any case, I tend to find Hollywood’s incessant interest in all things Our Thing to be somewhat baffling.