Got any doubt

…about the courts being crypto-fascist Star Chambers? It’s ironic that Hollywood, in their fear of offending Islamic terrorists, love to portray bad guys as neofascists now, never mind the fact that there are plenty of the real deal already situated in the three branches of government.

“He [Judge Moran] has also warned me (by relaying a message through my attorneys) that I should be careful about what I say on my website and my email messages. He did not specify what specific speech I should be careful about. If and when he does specify what speech I should be careful about, I will let everyone know, assuming, of course, that letting everyone know what speech I am supposed to be careful about is not the kind of speech the Judge says I need to be careful about. Stay tuned.”

Joseph Banister

And here I always thought that we had Constitutionally protected freedom of speech. Such an odd thing to say, Judge Moran, especially for one presumably sworn to uphold the Constitution. And are you such a moron, judge, that you believe any true American is going to let you railroad him into jail while keeping his mouth shut like a good little victim? We’re Americans, [reference to genetically unsound reproductive activity deleted], not Russians, Ukranians, Chinese, Jewish Germans, Rwandans, Bosnians, Sudanese, or Slavs, and we don’t bow down to anybody except God – and some don’t even do that.