Amazing depths of ignorance

Evan Thomas – he of third generational Communist fame thanks to Miss Coulter and professional coward Al Franken – is quoted by Brent Bozell as saying: “I really don’t get this whole debate … anything that promotes commitment between couples, and helps the institution of the family, is a positive thing.”

Meanwhile, “A Wirthlin poll from last spring for the Alliance for Marriage found 63 percent of Hispanics and 62 percent of blacks favored a constitutional amendment defending marriage.” As I mentioned on Monday, this is why Hillary is sitting this one out. Forget the war, forget the economy. All Bush has to do is wave a little flag called Defense of Marriage Amendment – which no Democratic presidential candidate can support – and the ethnic minorities will desert in droves.

Sometimes the secular media reminds me of my dog. He sees what is going on around him, but has absolutely no idea why. You see, Evan, Christians are generally not huge fans of what the Bible calls abomination. If you’re suprised by the overwhelmingly negative reaction to gay marriage, I’m sure you’ll be shocked beyond words at their attitude towards the UN overseeing a Nobel prize-winning peace treaty signed in Jerusalem.

Oh, and there’s a better way to promote commitment and preserve families. It’s called abolishing no-fault divorce. Better yet, pass a law forcing the courts to automatically assign custody of the children to the non-filing spouse if they request it.