An interesting exchange

One of my secular political sisters-in-arms, DN, (she’s an atheist Libertarian) wrote:

Your article regarding atheists is being discussed at the Secular Web. Thought you might want to brave the flame.

VD: Thanks, checked it out. Very little interesting there, as I’ve responded at length to two far more lengthy and significant critiques on the blog. By the way, please feel free to tell Anti-Creedance Front that I’m a full-contact martial artist. He’s welcome to try giving me a wedgie any time he likes.

Yes, I must confess, I didn’t read the thread until after sending you the link. I was then embarrassed. Lesson learned. I’ll pass along the wedgie challenge. 🙂

I suspect DN is at least an occasional reader of the column. She knows perfectly well that I don’t hate her, or atheists in general. I will say, however, that the Secular Web forum dwellers definitely appear to fall squarely into the highly irrational category. I will survive the flame.