But blame Shub-Niggurath on Lovecraft

Dr. DF writes humbly: Please enlighten me, o great mensa man. I’ve looked on Dictionary.com and encyclopedia.com and even used the Boolean feature; nada. It sounds Greek, but since you invoke some mention of Hell, I’m guessing some Dungeons & Dragons?

Being addressed like this makes it far more likely that I’ll lose the Mensa reference than all the attempted slights. Seriously, it gives me shivers. Anyhow, Asmodael was simply a combination of Asmodeus and the common angelic form X-ael. I wanted to imply a name of some netherly weight, without invoking the much-overrused Prince of Darkness himself. Seriously, to judge by Hollywood, you’d think the poor Devil had no legions of fallen angels to do any of his work for him.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t much of a D&D guy. More Akallabeth, Castle Wolfenstein and Wizardry. Except for: “Free Trader Beowulf… calling anyone…..”

In any case, we apologize for the inconvenience.