Oh, the irony

RH writes: Atheists are most definitely altruistic because they _do_ subscribe to and believe in a higher ethos and live by a higher moral standard. Something most religeous zealouts like you are jealous of. You can only lash out in diatribes to wrestle with the little voice inside your head that says “you’re wrong”. … You are also wrong in trying to blame atheists for evil. History shows that all of the worst atrocities ever committed in the world were by religeous fanatics and cultists like you. And for the most heinous religeous atrocities ever commited, the Jews and Christians are the most responsible. Whether as victims or persecutors the fact is without religios psychos like you the world would most definitely be a better place.

Yes, Hitler was an Episcopalian missionary prior to his career as a totalitarian dictator, wasn’t he? And the other 23 Socialist mortacracies of the 20th century were actually run, not by atheist Communists as everyone thought, but by a Catholic-Mormon cabal.

There was a lot more, but that last sentence is priceless. And ever so damning. Not hard to picture him shoving little children on the death trains, is it.