God in X dimensions

I’m Agnostic, and for a good reason: I can’t visualize a space with more than three dimensions. What the hell has it to do with the concept of God, would you say. Well, for me it matters, and matters a lot. Our brain, where our mind is created, is a result of evolution which is tied to the development of our senses, so, something really concrete, objective, down to earth and more, unable to perform spatially abstract thingking, I mean, a thinking independent, free, from our environment, from our frame of reference. That is why physics, as a science, is reaching a dead end. Our mind can’t “see” more than three spatial dimensions, time is another one but not spatial. The Universe is so overwhelmingly vast, infinitelly mighty, inbelievably complex that an entity able to create it would be out of our experience. We, could, by no means, grasp it, reach it. The only way has been to create a God with anthropomorfic features, some sort of super man, but we are short of stuff, we used to create a God with our characteristics, only that at a higher scale. I don’t buy such a God anymore.

Some reasonable points – except the faith-based acceptance of the untested, never-replicated evolution theory – but I disagree with the conclusion. The God of the Bible tells us flat out that we cannot understand Him or His wisdom, and the reasons listed above are only part of why. There are also numerous hints about God’s existence outside of space and time. You don’t buy such a God, but I do. That’s fine – we can certainly agree to disagree on this.