On this war

I am very sympathetic to those fellow libertarians and lovers of freedom who suspect that we have been led by the nose into this war, primarily for the purposes of destroying more American liberties and weakening our national sovereignty. However, I am also aware that while it takes two to tango, it does not take two to fight.

The jihad was not declared by America or the West, it was declared on America and the West. This is not a propagandistic fiction any more than were the Islamic invasions of Spain, France, Italy and Austria imagined. The war will be fought, whether we engage or not. Since it will be fought, I would much prefer to see the West – even the globalist, socialist godless West – win instead of the Islamic jihad. Those who have not spent time in Europe probably cannot imagine how it could ever be possible that Islam could become a serious force in the USA, but no one who has lived in France, the Netherlands or the UK has any problem doing so.

One-world government or sharia. Not much of a choice, is it? And yet, we will persist in upholding freedom and liberty to the best of our ability.