Yes, I love a black man

Daunte Culpepper is the best QB the Vikings have had since Fran Tarkenton. By the time he is done, he may well have done what our much-loved Georgia Peach couldn’t do, which is lead the Mighty Purple to a Super Bowl victory. How anyone can blame a quarterback with a 107.1 rating, 15 TDs, 3 INTs for three straight losses in which the defense leaked like an upwardly mobile Pentagon staffer is completely beyond me.

By the way, Howard Dean and the rest of the Southern-hating crew running for president might want to note that these idiot racists hail from one of the most liberal states in the country – and about as far North as it gets.

It’s insane. Donavan McNabb throws for 1 TD and barely more than a hundred yards while the Philly D stones the opposition, and he gets the credit. Daunte throws for 370 yards and 4 TDs while the defense gives up 42 points to a lousy Chargers team, and he gets the blame. Do these guys actually watch football?