And you want to let them vote?


Currently, the Federal Government includes executive level departments that advise the President. The heads of these departments are collectively known as the Cabinet. Could you please name as many departments as you can that are part of the current United States Cabinet? (Note: This question was open-ended and multiple responses were accepted, meaning, all respondents were invited to name as few or as many departments as they could. If a respondent provided the specific name of a cabinet secretary or administrator, e.g., “Colin Powell,� they were credited with a correct response.)

Most Americans are unable to identify even a single department in the United States Cabinet, according to a recent national poll of 800 adults. Specifically, the survey found that a majority (58%) could not provide any department names whatsoever…. Hispanics (79%), African Americans (75%), 18-34 year olds (70%), women (68%), and Pacific coast residents are among the groups most likely to say “I don’t knowâ€� when asked to name at least one department within the current United States Cabinet.

While I believe that every individual has unalienable rights, I don’t think that voting is, or should be, one of them. The collective wisdom of a group of ignorant people is no wiser than the sum total of their ignorance, which is why the Founding Fathers limited the right to vote to around 20 percent of the populace. Once you prove that you are capable of being a responsible, self-sufficient member of society, then you can vote. Until then, forget it. Democracy is not compatible with human liberty.

It’s at times like these that I have a certain amount of sympathy for the Platonist elitists who believe they have not only a right but a responsibility to rule over the masses. As Chris Rock once said of OJ: “I’m not saying he was right – but I understand.”