It’s called freedom

“We tell everybody what our vision is. I don’t think [Linux developers] tell the community what theirs is,” said Craig Mundie, chief technology officer at Microsoft, in Redmond, Wash. “There’s also a difference between a community model that’s sort of an evolutionary process and one that’s actually designed and managed for effect in some specific way, which is what Microsoft is doing.”

That’s exactly right, Craig. Just like there’s a difference between a community model where people not only have the right to input in how their society is conducted, but are the ultimate arbiters of authority, and a managed model where a single elite makes all the decisions for everyone and attempts to control their behavior through increasingly despotic means. Ever hear of Trusted Computing? Well, you will.

So, any more questions about the inherently fascist nature of modern corporatism? I am a free market capitalist. These corporate control freaks absolutely are not.