Space Bunny and the penguins

I can only conclude that Microsoft is toast. After the Digital Ghetto’s favorite blonde finished poking her nose around Evolution – she likes to read the email and often has a few choice comments for the haters – she decided that Linux wasn’t necessarily a complete freakfest. It didn’t hurt that she envied Opera’s ability to block pop-ups, so she was already flirting with MS-infidelity. And then, she has a thing for penguins too, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised when, after having her Outlook Express start acting up again this morning, she expressed some interest in making the grand migration. Say no more!

I think we’ll stick with Redhat, since I already know what I’m doing there and don’t have to worry about any hardware incompatibilities with her wireless card. Girl without Internet access = Very Bad Thing, especially when my defenseless machine is sitting there burbling away in the great digital chorus.

From whence the name Space Bunny? It’s not really that hard to figure out. Except the real-world version has a laser on her Glock.