Rush was right – Week IV

The Eagles squeaked out another win, moving them to within one game of the NFC East-leading Cowboys. One could argue that McNabb is finding ways to win, though of course even winning a Super Bowl that way wasn’t enough for Trent Dilfer to keep his job. Nor is a quarterback usually anointed a superstar because his team wins a few low-scoring games against mediocre opposition.


108 213 50.7 995 4.7 3 7 54.8

At least he’s got his completion rating up over fifty percent again after last week’s 17/23 performance. I’d hardly characterize a 141-yard, 1-TD, 1-INT performance as “McNabb Outduels Pennington“, though.

28th in Yards Passing. 34th in Touchdowns. Tied for 12th in Interceptions. Off the charts – below 35th – in Completion Percentage, Yards per Attempt and Quarterback Rating. This is well below quarterbacks who have lost their job this season, such as Mark Brunell and Tim Couch. Of course, we’re still waiting to hear the sportswriting community confess that Rush was right about McNabb being overrated.