apt-get for Redhat

apt-get is a very useful Debian application, which is often cited as the reason that Debian’s installation tends to the crude side – not much point in polishing it up when it’s so easy to get everything configured after the fact with apt-get. Apt-get has been ported to Redhat Linux, and in combination with synaptic, provides the Redhat user with a graphical apt-get. It’s rather like Red Carpet, only with far more RPMs to choose from. This download is a no-brainer – I’ll have to add it to yesterday’s installation guide.

I’ve found the combination of apt-get and synaptic to be very useful, in part because they tell me what some of these random applications on my system actually do. I just used it to download XMAME, for which I already have all of the necessary roms to transform my Linux machine into a full-blown arcade. Wocka-wocka-wocka!