Get the poor dear a restraining order!

Among other things, Paul Krugman of the New York Times fantasizes that he’s an economist. Of course, he can’t do simple math, does not have even the most elementary understanding of how the economy works, and, like far too many left-liberals, cannot take the heat of having his words reviewed with a critical eye. His lies, misrepresentations and outright fantasies are exposed on a regular basis by National Review’s excellent Krugman Truth Squad, which has apparently caused the frightened little man to hallucinate that he’s being stalked. Eek!

Clearly the pressure of having his words thrown back in his face has pushed him completely over the edge. And now he is sad… like a little girl. Poor Paul. If he ever got hate mail one-tenth as astringent as the stuff I get on a regular basis, he’d probably cry for weeks.

Oh, I almost forgot… I’m being stalked too! Lawsy, won’t somebody please help me!