No harm, no foul

Blogspot was acting up for about two hours. I couldn’t view it, either via the general Internet or from within Blogger itself, and while I could see and edit posts, I couldn’t publish. At first, I assumed it was something I’d done – sign of an inveterate tinkerer’s guilty conscience – but after checking out other blogs in the Blogosphere, I was relieved to discover that whatever it was wasn’t of my making. Which would have been hard to credit anyhow, considering what a plain vanilla blog this is… and will remain. The text is king!

On the Redhat front, some fortunate poking around revealed this important message with regards to kernel upgrades and Linksys drivers:

A final note to remember. In the future, whenever you need to upgrade to a newer kernel, you’ll also need to reinstall these drivers. These files are compiled specifically for your current kernel version/arch, so they won’t work with upgrades. For this reason, I always check that driver site to see if a new set of drivers has been released before I upgrade to newer kernels.

In other words, don’t trust your friendly neighborhood supertechnical stud programmer who guesses that the low-level changes are unlikely to mess with your PCMCIA drivers. Or rather, trust, but verify. Anyhow, I’ll definitely wait for Saint Tim to get around to updating the kernel RPM before upgrading the kernel now.