Donovan McNabb, Superstar

16/30 157 5.23 1 2

11/26 126 4.85 1 0

That’s Donovan McNabb’s performance since the affaire d’Limbaugh, which has mysteriously inspired a panoply of headlines crowing that the quarterback was not only not overrated, but was back in a big way as proved by the Eagles’ win over the Redskins. Right, a 48 percent completion ratio to go with an average of 1 TD and 1 INT per game is really stellar, gentlemen. Of course, a lot of these jokers who purport to be sportswriters picked the Eagles to run away with the NFC East, which now looks like this:

4-1 Dallas

3-3 Washington

2-3 New York

2-3 Philadelphia

Looking at that sparks one big thought – dang, but the Big Tuna can coach! The Eagles are by no means out of it, as yet, but a loss to New York next week would make it very, very difficult for them to reclaim the division title if Dallas beats Detroit as expected. Look, Donovan is a decent quarterback, but he’s inaccurate and is looking less and less likely to be a top QB over the next few years. I wouldn’t have dumped James Thrash earlier in favor of picking up Andre Johnson and keeping the faith with superpsycho David Boston – which won me a big game last week – if I had any faith in Donovan’s ability to get him the ball in the end zone.

If you want a black quarterback to talk up and cheer, there’s one in Minnesota worthy of high regard. Welcome back, Mr. Culpepper!