Answering a Drudge challenge

You have to love Matt Drudge. He is the proverbial middle finger, not simply raised to the left-liberal mainstream media, but jammed painfully into its collective eye. While speaking with my fellow WND columnist Bill Press, Drudge challenged everyone in the media to ‘fess up to whatever medications they are on before slamming Rush Limbaugh for his admitted drug addiction. That’s pretty funny, considering that more than a few of them are likely on Prozac, Xanax and the various prescription drugs du jour:

“And I will just state this, because we’re headed into quite a weekend of media bashing here, I know all is fair in media wars, but I challenge everybody in the media business, listening to this today, empty their pockets! Empty their pockets! We will be passing out jars and dishes and they can go to their respective washrooms during the commercial break — and come out with the pills they’re on! This story is very sensitive in a lot of ways and before all the big media bigwigs point their finger, they should really question their medicine cabinet.”

I myself have a drug habit, albeit one that is both legal and reasonably under control, of two cappucinos per day. And it is a real addiction, I think, as I get to enjoy a fairly nasty headache if I don’t get the first one steamed before two in the afternoon. But I’ll never quit. Just the smell of the first one in the morning is JUST SO GOOD!

Also, being somewhat of a weightlifter, I can get downright homicidal if I don’t get that much-needed endorphin release from lifting heavy pieces of metal and putting them back down again. Caffeine and iron, that’s pretty much it for me.