Bindery Campaign Update 8

Days Left: 20

Status: 59.0 percent of goal.

The Iliad: 192/500

The Odyssey: 186/500 

A number of would-be supporters have asked us to add some less expensive options, so we are pleased to announce the first of them today. Because Castalia Library has its hands full focusing on the English literary market, we have created a sister company, Éditions Alpines, in partnership with the owners of an existing European publishing house, to provide high-quality leatherbound books to the French, Italian, and German markets.

The first-ever book published by Éditions Alpines will be the original German text of both Heidis Lehr- und Wanderjahre and Heidi kann brauchen, was es gelernt hat by Johanna Spyri. The price is $150 and the book will be produced by the new bindery. The quality will be identical to that of the Castalia Library.

We will announce a $50 support option next week.